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Enter statt Doppelklick erlaubt Mehrfachbau in Bauliste

Verfasst: Montag 30. April 2012, 21:15
von Malle
Quote hier mal einen bug report aus dem englischen Forum. Ist der schon bekannt?
JanZonderVrees hat geschrieben:I just noticed a bug while playing the Rotharians. I don't know if this has been know yet, but I'll post it anyhow.

The unique building "Taq'rhiar Command" can be build multiple times when entering it in the build queue by pressing "Enter" instead of dubble clicking it. The game will even build it several times after the first build as shown in the screen shot.
The effects of the building are added every time a building is added, causing in this case a negative industry production. After this, I was able to finish off any build within one turn, while the number of turns to finish the build is no longer displayed due to the negative production. Resources are still a determining factor when trying to build something.
Der Screenshot ist hier: [EDIT rainer] ... 799#p70799

Thread hier: ... 799#p70799