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I'm not much on bribery because if you have to bribe a minor race to get your way and gain their membership,and thus special technology and possibly ships, troops, and buildings, then are they really your members? Naive, I guess, on my part. But the I like playing as the Khaoran.

But probaby every other race would use bribery.

Here is a test section of the minor races and with indications how likely they can be bribed. What it genuiney looks like is an abandoned encyclopedia project that mught have linied to special vessels and troops.

The best way to bribe a minr race means lots of credits. See how I managed to gain three monopolies and the AI cannot do so.

On Monopolies

To win that kind of game, pick a subterfuge race especially the Omega Alliance. You use the beginning outpost and scrap it. Then use that seed capoval to rapidly build infrastructure. Then create new transports and build new outposts to temporarily protect the systems, then.scrap them again.

Eventually the systems will protect themselves and you may end up just using shields, orbtal batteries, and minefields.

You make so much in ore and crystals, that you buy very expensive monopolies, but it doubles the ore and crystal productions. It's risky it serves no purpose to have the best infrastructure unless you then end up highly defensive and then ultimately destroying the other major races.

Pick your opponents wisely. You should only pick two opponents and likely the Khaoran as they don't use subterfuge. The Terrans so excel at diplomacy (unfairly in my opinion), that they easily gather up all the minor races they encounter. So while they seem trustworthy on the easy level, they could end up with all the major starting minor race fleets.

To negate the Terran's diplomatic power, just have 10% minor races or none at all.

You would convice some,but bribe the minor races as you gain credits as invasions are expensive. Bribery is ugly but cheaper and saves billions of lives.

I'm not sure but I think the Rotharians get the better intelligence service, but no starting outpost to scrap. They also can be far more diplomatically persuasive of the minor races. That will save you bribery costs. Likely the Omega troops and vessels are better though, but that is a lot of expensive invasions.

It's far better to absorb lots of minor races as they have some terrific bonus modifiers but usually solely in their system. You might be better off with three major races (including your own) and zero minor races and just outspending the AI by exploiting monopoly credits.

I think the Khaoran way is better and just destroy your enemies honestly and skip all this economic manipulation, bribery, and sabotage.
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