Map icon settings

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Map icon settings

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The map has a icon guide that can be selected/deselected, and this does things like turns the grid on or off and makes the known sectors under minor or major race controls to stand out. Like so.
Versus this.
Otherwise you flying through their sector then causes a hostile change in their demeanor towards you as you violatedtheir border.

And your long range scan intensity from ships and from other sectors then influences the detection of the fleets and ships located in those sectors. Some are extremely powerful from the start.

Ordinarily there are scenario and or campaign editors where you can place planets, resources, size of planets, class of planets, spatial anomalies, ships, etc in some old game like GalCiv2: Twilight of the Arnor in 2008.

That way these campaigns are tailored rather than random on things like starting location, demeanor towards other races, techtree progression and goals, treasury, trustworthiness, patience, etc. Even the venerable Civ2 engine had those under Windows 3.11 plus a campaign 1996!

There is such richness in BotE, but you just about have to have a map editor as obviously the proximity of empires changes the diplomacy settings and even motivation and most then have something like major and minor goals based on a point system to cause the AI to try to take or wrest away certain portions of the map array.
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