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Re: Modding

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If you lack a windows based computer, but want to mod the Android version, and since some tablets won't directly sideload apps from third party sources...then here is one plausible workaround.

Most tablets have a protocol that will allow usb transfers in a hidden part of the settings. You could connect your Android usb to a female to female adapter (They cost about $7) Then connect a usb flash drive. Android can't generally run large usb devices on battery power as the power adapter often has the hidden usb connector. This means a large usb drive is out, but a small thumb drive will most likely work.

Now mod the apk on the flash drive. Then send the modded apk via the usb to usb cable. That should allow Android modders a way make small changes to BotE. This method should bypass the standard security protocol that prevents 3rd party apps from running that came outside the Google Play store.
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